King salmon fishing

Bristol Bay - Alaska | Stati Uniti

A dream came true

King salmon fishing and a fantastic nature experience – that's what we (seven friends and I) were looking forward to as we set off for Alaska. Our journey took us to the Pumice Creek Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula, 376 miles southwest of Anchorage.

Bristol Bay - Alaska | Stati Uniti
30. June - 08. July 2018

2 men
1 mission



The lodge is located 376 miles southwest of Anchorage. From there, you take a turboprop aircraft to reach the lodge. We had the lodge exclusively to ourselves and fished the Cinder River before its mouth.

  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska20.jpg
    Best Buddies
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska10.jpg
    Catch it
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska31.jpg
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska15.jpg
    Big Boy
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska13.jpg
    Our boat
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska23.jpg
    On the hook
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska04.jpg
    Animals on the way
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska38.jpg
    Our Lodge
  • 2018-07-flyfish-adventures-alaska05.jpg
    Cold but Cozy

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