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Astove & Alphonse | Seychelles

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In November 2016, I'm setting out on another journey to one of the best saltwater fly fishing spots, accompanied this time by Willi Forstinger and Helmut Schlagmann. The fishing in 2015 on Astove wasn't as good as expected: The GTs were missing on the flats. And unfortunately, it's not any better this year. No one can really say what's causing it. There's a suspicion of a massive migration of red crabs, which lures the fish from the flats into deeper waters. There, they become easy prey. From the boat, red crabs were visible everywhere.

Astove & Alphonse | Seychelles
07. - 15. November 2016

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  • 2016-11-flyfish-adventures-seychellen04_1.jpg
    What a nice catch
  • 2016-11-flyfish-adventures-seychellen01_1.jpg
    Big Smile - Big Catch
  • 2016-11-flyfish-adventures-seychellen-astove45_1.jpg
  • 2016-11-flyfish-adventures-seychellen-astove49_1.jpg
    Fishing buddies
  • 2016-11-flyfish-adventures-seychellen-astove35_1.jpg
    Looking for crabs
  • 2016-11-flyfish-adventures-seychellen-astove43_1.jpg
    On the road
  • 2016-11-flyfish-adventures-seychellen20_1.jpg

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