Helicopter Fishing

Tsimane | Bolivia


In September 2019, I went fishing in Bolivia for the first time – back then at the Secure Lodge. I really enjoyed the trip and managed to catch some good Dorados. I had already made up my mind to repeat this journey. So, I was even more interested when I found out that this year would mark the first time they were organizing flyouts with helicopters. It was like an exploration season, and I was eager to secure a spot. I definitely wanted to be one of the first to experience the untouched Amazon regions. Two spots opened up, and I managed to secure them along with my friend Stephan Kreul. My videographer, Vaidas, joined us to capture our trip on film.

Tsimane | Bolivia
24. September - 01. October 2022


Our expectations were high, as the helicopter allowed us to not only fish near the lodge but also reach remote, never-before-fished areas. The program included flying to no fewer than four different rivers, all within a maximum of 30 minutes from the Pluma Lodge. Our expectations were met right on the first day. Fishing in untouched river sections that had in some cases never been visited by humans is truly something extraordinary. Abundant fish that had never seen a fly before were present, making the experience truly exceptional.



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The natural experience was mesmerizing. Every day, we encountered wild animals by the river, and the clear jungle rivers showcased their unique beauty, leaving a lasting impression. Stephan, Pablito, and I embarked on a one-of-a-kind adventure, encountering numerous good-sized fish. Exploring breathtaking spots nestled within the jungle, reeling in true trophy-sized Dorado from the water, and landing multiple Pacu were some of the highlights. I've experienced a lot and I'm constantly on the move, but without a doubt, this trip was one of the most remarkable fishing experiences I've had since I started fly fishing.

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    On the Traces
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    Check the Location
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    Great Lodge
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    Like an insect invasion
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    Flyfishing with friends
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    Full Commitment
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    Fishing Buddies
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    Crazy Jump
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    Gold Fever
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    Big Golden One
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    Great Landscape
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    One my way
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    Meeting wonderful People
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    Big one
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    Having a break
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    Never forget the fun part



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