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Nunavut | Canada

Make a catch

Nunavut showed its best side. The weather was great, and the planes were able to fly every day. Ideal conditions! On top of that, a team of skilled fishermen was there.

Nunavut | Canada



Lake Trouts

We found an abundance of lake trouts, many of them measuring over a meter in length. The Arctic chars were a bit elusive during the first week, but they became more prevalent during the second week.

The quantity and size of the fish, coupled with the crystal-clear rivers and lakes – it's truly unique. Nunavut – we'll be back!

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    Makes me smile
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    On the hook
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    Our Accomodation
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    Big Catch
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    Cold & Amazing
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    wild geese
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    The red ones
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    Great View
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    Fishing Buddies

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