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Cosmoledo | Seychelles

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In February 2020, it was time for another legendary trip to Cosmoledo, an exceptionally beautiful island in the Seychelles. What awaited us? A spring tide week with strong tides and plenty of fish on the flats. Cosmoledo is among the absolute hotspots for GT fishing and is likely one of the last paradises on our planet.

Cosmoledo | Seychelles
01. - 09. February 2020

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Adventure Time

our international Travel Group

This time on board: Some ladies from the USA - truly adding value to the entire group. Sarah is a natural in the water, accompanied by her sister Ann, who particularly enjoyed diving and snorkeling. Kaysa, Joann, and Kay proved to be hardcore fly fishing enthusiasts. Also in the mix was a fishing group from Tyrol, some of whom had never fished in saltwater before. My old friend Vadim also didn't miss out on the journey.

  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-12.jpg
    Nice Catch
  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-22.jpg
    Great Catch
  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-13.jpg
     A Yellow black saddle grouper
  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-18.jpg
    A Mustache Trigger Fish
  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-07.jpg
    Island art
  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-06.jpg
    Prepare for dinner
  • Cosmoledo Seychellen Flyfish Adventures 2020
    Cosmo is making memories
  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-21.jpg
  • 2020-02-cosmoledo-flyfish-adventures-cosmo-01.jpg
  • Cosmoledo Seychellen Flyfish Adventures 2020

Diving into paradise


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