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Cosmoledo | Seychelles


Every year, we look forward to Cosmoledo. The journey there is always a bit arduous, but as soon as I set foot on the island, I feel grounded and at home in paradise.

This time, the weather was unpredictable: wind and rain disrupted our plans. Especially at the beginning, the week was challenging weather-wise, but then we had days of beautiful weather and good fishing. In the end, we caught five GTs (Giant Trevally) measuring over a meter. Michael also caught his first 100 cm plus GT, and Christoph landed the biggest one at 117 cm. Personally, it seemed to me that there were many good fish on the flats at times. Perhaps it was more challenging than some previous years, but still, it was great fishing.

Cosmoledo | Seychelles
10. - 17. February 2022

Catch it if you can

Our great travelling group

Die bekannte Tiroler Runde, gepaart mit unseren amerikanischen Ladies, diesmal Georg und Michael, sorgte wie gewohnt für viel Spaß und Lachanfälle. Georg hat sich leider am 2. Tag eine Rippe gebrochen und hatte Lodge-Arrest.

on the sea side of life

  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo42.jpg
    One of my big catches
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo19.jpg
    On the hook
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo37.jpg
    Christoph mit 119 cm Flat GT
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo15.jpg
    The Crew
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo10.jpg
    Get together
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo14.jpg
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo03.jpg
    The beauty of nature
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo31.jpg
    Great times
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo26.jpg
  • 2022-05-flyfish-adventures-cosmoledo62.jpg
    A Red one for Kajsa

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