GT Capital of the world

Cosmoledo | Seychelles

New Lodge 

New moon week at Cosmoledo – as always my friends and I reserved the best week of the year at the Seychelles. The best conditions awaited us, excellent weather, a spring tide and the flats full of our target fish the „Giant Trevalley“ - the so-called GT‘s. There‘s no better place for saltwater fishing than Cosmoledo – with good reason the atoll is also called „The GT capital of the world“.

Cosmoledo | Seychelles
16. - 23. February 2023

Off to new Adventures


Our highlights

In recent years, there have been times when fishing on Cosmo didn't go so well due to unfavorable weather conditions like poor visibility and strong winds. This time, except for half a day of rain, we had the very best conditions, which was reflected in our successes.

On the very first day, I achieved a Grand Slam – a triggerfish, a bonefish, and a GT (Giant Trevally). But that wasn't all – I managed to catch eight more GTs, including my personal "Best Flats GT" measuring 130 cm. Joanne Hessney also landed one that was 101 cm long. Altogether, our group started with a total of 32 GTs caught.

2 x Personal Best – Helmut 130 cm & Christoph 133 cm

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Lodge Record

On the last day, Christoph Hottgenroth experienced his shining moments and even caught a GT (Giant Trevally) measuring 133 cm and another one at 100 cm. Alongside Gerhard Hörl, he landed a total of 32 GTs in a single day.

In total, 215 GTs were caught in a week by 11 anglers – this was the absolute lodge record in Brad Simpson's career as the manager, and he proudly declared it as "Best week since ever!"

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    Great Nature
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    What a  Catch
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    Colorful View
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    Preparing our tasty meal
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    Sort Equipment
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    What a bathroom-view
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    Getting ready
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    all we need
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    Time for a break
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    Take a deep breath
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    On the way
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    In the Lodge
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    Colorful Catch
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    Current mood
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    Grand Slam Smile

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