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Cuba - Isla de La Juventud | Cuba

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After several years exploring different areas in Cuba, we were drawn to Isla de la Juventud for our fly-fishing adventure this year. Known as the largest satellite island of Cuba, it called us back.

I had been here years ago and was already familiar with the island. Back then, we stayed in a hotel, and I quite enjoyed it. I had heard from others that it's an excellent destination with numerous opportunities to catch large tarpon. Since we were looking to try something new this year, we decided to charter a yacht here instead.

Cuba - Isla de La Juventud | Cuba
14. - 24. April 2023

In paradise

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    On the hunt
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    Big Catch
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    Our results
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    enjoy the nature
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    Underwater love
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    What a catch
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    Our Equipment
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    Better Together
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    Say Cheese
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    Proud of the catch
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    At Night
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    In Action
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    Dinner Time
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    One more Tarpon
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    Live the day
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    Grand Slam

On our
Yacht JAF1 

With our yacht JAF1, we were able to visit various fishing spots. Overall, we all enjoyed it immensely. The service from the boat crew and guides was exceptional. The fishing is certainly different from Jardines, as you're fishing more in deep channels and less sight fishing. However, there was plenty to keep each of us busy, and we caught well. Especially in the evenings by the reef, we experienced fantastic fishing.

Super Grand Slam

As a highlight, I would mention Christoph's Super Grand Slam. He managed to catch a Permit, a Bonefish, a Tarpon, and a Snook all in one day. I achieved a regular Grand Slam, and I also caught my first Snook.

Repeating this experience is definitely not ruled out!

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    Review the day
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    Meeting people
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    Another Catch
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    What a view
  • 2023-04-flyfish-adventures-cuba-juventud-00079.jpg
    Great times
  • 2023-04-flyfish-adventures-cuba-juventud-00038.jpg
    Our Crew
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