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Jardines de la Reina | Cuba


This year, I booked two boats simultaneously for a week – the Perola and the Avalon Fleet II. Both yachts (with 9 skiffs) anchored in Zone C – Cabeza del Este. We had excellent weather throughout the week, with little wind and no rain during the day. The fishing was as good as always. The most exciting achievements: landing two tarpons over 100 pounds and three permits, including two Grand Slams.

Jardines de la Reina | Cuba
04. - 14. April 2019

Love it

  • 2019-04-flyfish-adventures-isla-reina24.jpg
    At the hunt
  • 2019-04-flyfish-adventures-isla-reina09.jpg
    good company, good food
  • 2019-04-flyfish-adventures-isla-reina14.jpg
    Have a break
  • 2019-04-flyfish-adventures-isla-reina07.jpg
    Discover culture
  • 2019-04-flyfish-adventures-isla-reina25.jpg
    Boats on the way
  • 2019-04-flyfish-adventures-isla-reina22.jpg
    Lovely nature
  • 2019-04-flyfish-adventures-isla-reina18.jpg
    Makes me smile

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