Garden of the Queen

Jardines de la Reina | Cuba


To Cuba – Jardines de La Reina – to the Garden of the Queen - this is where our fishing adventures for this year, divided into two groups over two weeks, were meant to lead us. It feels good that the second 50% voucher from the Covid cancellation in 2020 is now settled. Our plan was to shoot a film about tarpon fishing during the two travel weeks. That's why my friend Vaidas joined us.

We all arrived in Havana on time and in good spirits. Only one piece of luggage – Flo's – was missing. In Havana, the familiar scene awaited us, but we noticed that the city was much quieter than usual.

Jardines de la Reina | Cuba
30. April - 07. May 2022

great times


Getting there

On Saturday morning, we eagerly awaited our travel bus, which was supposed to take us further to Jucaro to reach our yacht. It didn't arrive. Our Avalon representative, Alexander, informed us that our bus had run out of fuel somewhere because of a shortage of gasoline in Cuba caused in part by an embargo and the war in Ukraine. Fortunately, our predicament was resolved, and the bus finally arrived in the hotel lobby after almost four hours of waiting. Now, our journey could begin.

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    Start the adventure
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures52.jpg
    Discover Havana
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures83.jpg
    On the streets of Havana
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures94.jpg
    It was a pleasure
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures102.jpg
    Time for a Break
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    On our Yacht

Enjoying to the fullest

Upon arriving in Jucaro, we boarded our yacht and then navigated to Jardines de la Reina with our JA III. Both the fishing and the weather conditions were excellent. Although we had some strong winds at times, we didn't experience any thunderstorms. In Zone C – Cavezza del Este, there were an extremely high number of tarpons, and we were able to catch many quality fish. I had the great fortune of landing a permit and achieving a Grand Slam. All in all, it was a fantastic adventure, and all participants were thoroughly satisfied.


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All images of the trip

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    Gib Catch
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures86.jpg
    What a catch
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures97.jpg
    Gran Slam
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures99.jpg
    Fly Fishing Life
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    Gran Slam
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures118.jpg
    Great Feeling
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures77.jpg
    Have a Break
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures02.jpg
    Our Crew
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    On the Boat
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures112.jpg
    Cuba Life
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    Meeting a Shark
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  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures115.jpg
    In Detail
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures34.jpg
    Fishing Bird
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures36.jpg
    Great Nature




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