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Jardines de la Reina | Cuba


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Jardines de la Reina | Cuba
07. - 14. May 2022

Fishing fun


Zone A

This time, our yacht, the JA III, anchored in Zone A - Boca Grande. The weather conditions were quite different from the first week this time around. There were days with complete calm, making fishing very challenging. There weren't large schools on the flats, which is why we unfortunately spotted and caught significantly fewer tarpons than in the previous week. At first, I thought it was a mistake to switch to Zone A. However, it later turned out that Zone C had performed even worse this week. Weather is something you can't control - in my opinion, it simply had to do with the weather change.

  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw214.png
    Sunset Lover
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw226.jpg
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw223.jpg
    Havana Impressions
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw227.jpg
    Hello Nature
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures53_1.jpg
    Great City
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw224.jpg
    Nature Impressions
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw242.jpg
    Colors of the sea
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventures52_1.jpg
    Discover Havana
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw26.jpg
    Nature Details
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw29.jpg
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw28.jpg
    Fishing Bird
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw223.jpg
    In the Streets of Havana
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw241.jpg

Boca Grande

Nevertheless, there was a double success to report on the very first day. Gerhard Hörl and Bernhard Reinisch both started with a Grand Slam each. Overall, it was a very enjoyable week, and all participants could return home satisfied.




  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw245.jpeg
    Monster in the dark
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw240.jpg
    What a catch
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw233.jpeg
    Weekly Catch
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw231.jpg
    Gran Slam
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw219.jpeg
    Our Travel Group
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw237.jpeg
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw238.jpg
    Gran Slam
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw243.jpeg
    Gran Slam
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw213.jpg
    80 LBS
  • 2022-05-cuba-flyfish-adventuresw210.jpg
    Hard Work

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