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Kharlovka & Litza | Russia

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Kharlovka and Litza are among the best salmon rivers in the world. The tundra in the far north holds a unique character, and the entire landscape, particularly the rivers, exudes a captivating, untouched beauty. Vladimir Rybalschenko and his Atlantic Salmon Research Team play a role in maintaining this allure. Undoubtedly, it's a privilege to fish in these rivers. They have captured my fascination, and they continue to draw me back time and again.

Kharlovka & Litza | Russia
05. - 25. June 2017

Salmon fishing

This time, my friends Helmut Schlagmann and Christoph Hottgenroth are joining me for Week 27 at Kharlovka. Also present are Vladimir Senior and Vladimir Junior along with his friends Grigoriy, Andrey, and Sergey. Additionally, we have Jörg from Switzerland, two Irish anglers Richard and James, and Matt from England. In total, we are a group of 12 anglers.



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    Enjoying the meal
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    Great Accommodation
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    Show me your teeth
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    Travel Buddy
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    Getting there
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    Dinner Time
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    Great Catch

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