Fishing in Paradise

Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll | Maldive

Family Time

Finding an island that caters to all our needs—relaxation, diving, swimming, and excellent fly fishing conditions—is not an easy task. Almost everywhere, fishing on the flats or from the shore is not allowed.

So, the search for our dream island proved to be quite challenging. After all, our August vacation is a family holiday, and fishing is just one part of our daily routine. This time, in addition to my wife and my daughter Anna, my son Andreas and his girlfriend Vera are also joining us. We wanted an island a bit further from the main airport island of Malé, and we found what we were looking for in the south.

Ayada is a newly built resort in the untouched Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, located an hour's flight south of Malé. The resort is new, beautifully maintained, and well-managed. The Beach Suites are a dream! We have two adjacent villas, each with a small private pool.

Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll | Maldive
11. - 18. August 2014


On the sea

For the duration of our stay, I've booked a speedboat; Captain Mohamed and his assistant are always at our disposal. Mohamed knows the best fishing spots, as he was born in the Maldives and has been guiding anglers for a long time. Andreas and I usually go fishing with him, but we also use the boat for island and snorkeling trips, as well as for dolphin watching with all five of us. It's a truly worthwhile investment. We explore the entire atoll with it. We easily cover 40 miles per hour, and we're always quickly at the best spots.

Fly fishing on the flats isn't as straightforward. Bonefish are hard to spot, and I only see single GTs there twice – both times out of casting range. So, on the flats, we mainly catch smaller fish and Bluefins.

Our Hotel


Time to fish

My daughter Anna also enjoys fishing in saltwater and catches some beautiful reef inhabitants! In return, fishing from the boat in the channels and at the outer reef is fantastic. We catch everything an angler's heart desires: Yellowfin Tuna, many GTs up to 45 kilograms, Bluefins, Snapper, Grouper, and even a Napoleon Wrasse.

In general, it can be said that in the southern regions far from the main island, there are more fish than on the well-known tourist atolls near Male. Even while snorkeling, you're guaranteed to encounter larger fish and mostly see intact coral reefs.

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    In Action
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    Little Fish
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    Big One
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    Beautiful Nature

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