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Brazil - Pirarucu | Brazil

What an adventure!

After a great experience on the Marié River, we continued on to Pirarucú. Due to the extremely low water level at Pirarucú Lodge in the Mamirauá Reserve, we were unable to land the seaplane directly in front of the lodge. Instead, we first flew by seaplane to San Gabriel, changed there to a small plane and flew on to Tefé, where we landed at the airport. As we arrived too late in Tefé, we were unable to take the transfer boat directly to the lodge and therefore had to spend the night in Tefé.

Brazil - Pirarucu | Brazil
23. - 29. September 2023

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Trophy Fishing

The next morning, we finally made our way to the lodge. We travelled the route by boat, but had to get out of the boat and walk along some of the shallow sections of the river. When we finally arrived at the lodge, we were welcomed by the guides, the lodge staff and the arapaimas rolling around in the river. Each of us had the expectation of catching at least one large arapaima in the four days. In fact, everyone succeeded and some even managed to land a real trophy fish.

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Chasing memories

Due to the extremely low water level, the surroundings were hardly recognisable. There were an unusually large number of alligators that constantly surrounded us. The fishing was also different, as we sometimes had more success with the intermediate line than with the full sink. We were all satisfied and our expectations were fully met.
On the last day, we took the boat back to Tefé, from where we flew to Manaus. There we enjoyed a wonderful dinner together with a culinary Asado experience.

195 cm Trophy – Helmut Aleeze

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    Work, work, work
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    Sunset time
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    One more
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    Little accident
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    Building bridges
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    Dinner time
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    Great one
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    Team work
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    180cm Trophy – Stefan
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    What a catch
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    Big smile

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