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Rio Grande | Argentina

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During the three days of fishing at Jurassic Lake, we had unbelievable luck. Now, however, we're looking forward to the sea-run fishing on the Rio Grande.

The journey from Jurassic Lake to El Calafate goes as planned. After a night in El Calafate, we continue with Aerolinea Argentina to Ushuaia. In Ushuaia, Helmut initially misses a piece of luggage, which puts a damper on the mood. Half an hour later, it turns up, and the world is back in order. A familiar face, Genaro, picks us up at the Ushuaia airport and takes us to Rio Grande.

Rio Grande | Argentina
26. January - 01. February 2014

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The Estancia Maria Behety Lodge deserves nothing but the highest praise. The accommodation, the food, and the staff are simply first-class. You feel extremely comfortable there, and every guest's wish is fulfilled. A lodge couldn't be run better. We are a fun group and get along splendidly. Apart from me and Helmut, there are mostly Americans, Brits, and a Scot in the group.

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    Good Morning
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    Dinner Time
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    Time together
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    In Action
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    Great Catch
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    Team work
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    One more
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    Our Lodge
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    At our Accommodation
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    What a landscape
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    Proud Fisherman

The water level is similar to last year, so it's on the lower side. That's why fishing with smaller nymphs was the approach: mainly using patterns like Aurelia Prince, EMB, and Beauty Camilla in smaller sizes in colors like chartreuse and orange. However, I also had a lot of success with my small Atlantic salmon stainless steel tubes, which pleased me especially.

The preceding weeks weren't very successful, partly due to heavy rainfall, the guides tell us. But during the last few days, things have been improving, and the river has been clearing up again. So, we're optimistic that we've caught a good week.

First Days

 January 26, 2014

We're off to a good start! Especially Helmut, who is fishing the Rio Grande for the first time: After a few casts, he hooks a 22-pound male and successfully lands this great fish. It later turns out that this will be his heaviest fish of the week. A truly splendid catch!

On the first morning at Antonias Pool (formerly Andrew), I catch five fish, all between 13 and 16.5 pounds. I lose three more. Helmut catches two: the 22-pound male and a 15-pound female, losing two more. A fantastic morning! Our colleagues at the lodge aren't having much luck, so we're also in the right pool. In the afternoon, we're on Beats 6 and 7, where I catch two more and Helmut catches one more small sea-run fish. Helmut also loses a promising fish. So, a great start to the day!

January 27, 2014

In the morning, we fish with Guide Genaro at Spot 30 Moneta, one of my favorite spots from previous years. However, this time it's challenging. I catch 2 smaller sea-runs, unfortunately, Helmut doesn't have any luck. So, compared to previous years, a bit of a disappointment. In the evening, we head to Spot 15 just below the lodge. There, I catch four fish, three of them in the last 15 minutes.

January 28, 2014

In the morning, we go to Spot 24 Julia. I catch two nice sea-runs and lose three more. Helmut also loses a fish and loses one. Good for Julia because it wasn't productive this January. In the evening, we each catch a sea-run at Spot 16.

January 29, 2014

In the morning, we're at Spots 27 and 28 with Guide Pocket. Only one area is productive because the spot is quite limited with low water levels. We rotate fishing in about 150 meters of the pool. Helmut loses a superb fish, and I catch two, one weighing 17 pounds. In the evening, we head to Spot 31, where I catch four fish, all up to 15 pounds.

Watching sheep shearing


Before we say goodbye

 January 30, 2014

Today, Federico Molinolo, the head guide, is with us. I usually have my best moments with Federico. In the morning, we're fishing at Arturo. It's a top spot, and there are many fish around. Helmut catches three, I catch one and lose two. In the evening, I catch five more fish and Helmut catches three. Another fantastic day!

February 1, 2014

With Novel, we head to Spots 13 and 14 near the lodge. I'm not particularly fond of these pools under the lodge. The river is narrow there, and the flow is rather slow. I don't have good memories of these pools from previous years. However, at the Veinte Pool, I start catching fish after fish and land six sea-run fish. Helmut has a bit better luck at the Augustin Pool. He catches two fish there, one weighing 16 pounds.

At Innesita, I lose a true trophy fish: My line gets stuck on the bottom! That has never happened to me on the Rio Grande before.

In the afternoon, at the Pozon del Medio (Middle Pool) on Spot 16, I manage to catch five more sea-run fish, and Helmut catches two.

The fishing is excellent this year, and both of us are very satisfied. For me, in terms of the number of fish – 37 sea-run fish – this is the best year on the Rio Grande.


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