Rich in fish

Rio Grande | Argentina



The Rio Grande holds me captivated. Despite all the challenges and the 17-hour flight time, it keeps drawing me back. When I'm asked about my favorite fly fishing trip, the Rio Grande often comes as the answer.

Rio Grande | Argentina
08. - 22. February 2016

Wild life

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    Great Catch
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    Our Accommodation
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    Best Buddies
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    In Action
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    At Work
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    Fluffy neighbors
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    Our Crew
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    Time to Enjoy
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    Into the wild

Check this out

Villa Maria Lodge

This year, I spent two weeks at the Villa Maria Lodge. There, you fish the lower pools – actually, the best ones. The fishing is simply exceptional. I've never caught as many fish on the Rio Grande as I did this year. I will never forget my best day with 16 searunners.


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