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Rio Grande | Argentina

Two Fisherman
One Pashion

Three Austrians - Wilhelm Forstinger, Günter Wimmer, and Helmut Zaderer - traveled together to Argentina for the Rio Grande. All three of us were already familiar with the river from past trips. Joining us were Willis' old friends from the USA, Berry and Chat, Michael from England, and Kevin from the USA.

Rio Grande | Argentina
06. - 12. February 2017

Out Crew


Rio Grande

The fishing was exceptional this time around. The Rio Grande had never been so low on water. Instead of two-handed rods, the short switch rod or the single-handed 8-weight rod were the way to go. Fine leaders, small nymphs, and the rubber worm proved to be successful baits.

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    Fishing too
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    Our Accommodation
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    Great Dinner
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    Our Accomodation
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    What a View
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    Kind of windy
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    full commitment
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    Two Fisherman
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    At Work

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