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Yokanga | Russia


In July 2013, I was already at the Yokanga together with AOS Alex and Stefan Haider. Since then, I wanted to relive this experience. Without a doubt, the Yokanga is one of the best salmon rivers globally, if it's not even ranked at the top. It's situated in the middle of nowhere in a captivating natural setting and is divided into several sections spanning nearly 30 kilometers in length.

Yokanga | Russia
20. - 28. June 2016

great yield

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    Into the wild
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    Untouched Nature
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    Big Catch
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    Our Lodge
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    Team Work
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    Fishing in the River

Meeting Great People

Every day, two anglers and a guide are flown to a different section by helicopter, and you fish several kilometers of river alone. All the guides have been at Yokanga for years and know the river like the back of their hand. This year, I booked the two best weeks from mid to late June. With success: I managed to catch several fish over 20 pounds and set my "personal best" with a 31-pounder!

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