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Providence, Seychelles | Seychelles

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I've been to Cosmoledo, Astove, Alphonse, Desroches, and I'm quite familiar with fly fishing in the Seychelles. The island of Providence was missing from my collection, and I had always wanted to visit there. In September, Justin McCarthy spontaneously called me and asked if I wanted to join him and his Russian friends for the opening week of fishing on the Maya Dugong on Providence. There were still two spots available. It was a fantastic opportunity, so after a brief discussion with my friend Christoph, we accepted the offer right after the phone call.

Providence, Seychelles | Seychelles
16. - 26. October 2022

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Meeting Great People

The goal was to catch a Pumphead Parrotfish, as they are usually abundant on Providence. Unfortunately, to everyone's disappointment, there were hardly any Pumpheads found on the flats. I managed to hook one but lost it shortly after. The group as a whole could only land two "Pumpies." Grigory and Andrey were the lucky ones. Apart from that, fishing on the flats was successful, and we were able to land many GTs and Triggers. Unfortunately, no Permit were caught.

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    On the Yacht
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    Briefing Time
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    Great Catch
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    Hotel Break
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    Fascinating Nature
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    Take over
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    Colorful Catch
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    Do what you love
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    Fishing Buddy

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    Proud Fisherman
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    Nice Catch
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    At the Airport
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    Say Cheese
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    Stay the course
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    That gets under your skin
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    With our great Crew
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    Great Time with Friends
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    Have a break

Providence we‘ll be back

Providence is also known for offering the chance to catch trophy-sized Bonefish. Christoph caught his personal best Bonefish weighing nine pounds. He also managed to land his first Milkfish and Triggerfish. Fishing in the deeper waters around the coral formations was particularly rewarding. We caught numerous reef fish there. This served as our alternative when the tide on the flats was too high. It was a fantastic week filled with partying and fun. The guides on Providence are exceptionally professional, and the service was excellent.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time exploring these fishing destinations! If you have any more stories or information to share, feel free to let me know.

Catch Statistics for 10 Anglers:

56 GTs | 2 Bumpies | 52 Bonefish | 2 Milkfish | 21 Triggerfish | 280 other divers species


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