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Lake Jurassic | Argentina

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On November 22nd, I flew from Innsbruck at 6:20 PM to Frankfurt and then continued on to Buenos Aires at 10:20 PM, arriving there the next morning at 8 AM, ahead of schedule. Everything went smoothly, and the check-in process was completed within 45 minutes.

For the ride to the national airport, Newberry, I took a taxi. It took us 80 minutes instead of the usual less than an hour due to heavy traffic. However, this wasn't a problem because my flight had a two-hour delay, and we only took off at 5 PM. Three hours later, we landed in El Calafate, where a taxi took me to the hotel, marking the end of the long journey.

Staff: Guides | Diego, Pollo – 2nd Guide; Chef | Augustin; Assistant: Sebastian

Guests: 4 Americans | Grandfather: Lynn, Father: Zacharias; Son: David, Friend: Durk

Lake Jurassic | Argentina
22. - 28. November 2012


How it started

November 23, 2012

Head guide Diego picked us up at half-past eight, and we set off for Lake Jurassic. The journey took a grueling nine hours with two breaks. We arrived just before six in the evening.

After unpacking, we headed down to the lake, and I immediately spotted a 5-6 kilogram trout swimming by! Three or four casts with the Wooly Bugger, and the first rainbow, weighing around five kilograms, took off, peeling line from the reel. This got me fired up, and I continued fishing for two and a half hours, catching eight rainbows weighing up to six or seven kilograms.

I filmed the whole time with the GoPro, but the memory card filled up, and I was extremely frustrated.

November 24, 2012

The morning was quite cold, with moderate winds, but it became sunny in the afternoon. I made the mistake of not applying sunscreen in time and ended up burning my lips. I spent the morning at the point and then in the bay, which was teeming with fish. I caught over 100 rainbows ranging from one to nine kilograms. The biggest one measured 80 cm, and Diego took a fantastic photo.

In the afternoon, I walked upstream along the Barrancoso River to a large pool. There, I caught numerous smaller fish and some weighing around three kilograms. In the evening, I caught five large sea-run browns at the point, one of them weighing seven kilograms.

Later, I hiked further up the Barrancoso to a waterfall. I fished with dry flies there and switched to the Glo Bug on the way back. I had an abundance of fish in every pocket; with each cast, I would catch multiple fish. Another day with well over 100 fish, including some in the river weighing up to seven kilograms.

November 25, 2012

I was at the river by half-past six and caught approximately 25 rainbows. After breakfast, I went upstream on the Barrancoso with Diego, where I caught many smaller fish but also some weighing three kilograms. In the afternoon, at the point, I caught five large sea-run browns, one of them weighing seven kilograms.

Afterward, I hiked up the Barrancoso River to the waterfall. There, I fished with dry flies, and on the way back, I used the Glo Bug. I had an abundance of fish in every pocket; with each cast, I would catch multiple fish. Another day with well over 100 fish, including some in the river weighing up to seven kilograms.

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Great spot

November 26, 2012

In the morning, I tried a Glo Bug at the lake, but it didn't work. Even before breakfast, I caught several rainbows at the point, some weighing up to five kilograms. Afterward, I hiked into the canyon with Diego. It was an hour of really strenuous mountain climbing, but it was worth it. The canyon was truly beautiful. Once there, I caught many small fish but also more significant ones, weighing up to seven kilograms.

At the large pool in the river, I caught around 10 rainbows, ranging from three to seven kilograms. In the evening, I stayed by the lake until 10 o'clock, and I caught fish after fish, some weighing up to five kilograms.

November 27, 2012

In the morning, with the lake completely calm and rare light breezes in the bay, the water was mostly like glass. Using the Wooly Bugger, I caught several fish, some weighing up to six kilograms. After breakfast, I went back upstream on the Barrancoso, where I lost some significant fish because they were uncontrollable in the current. At the large pool, I caught many rainbows, some weighing up to six kilograms.

In the afternoon, due to the calm winds, I decided to try the shallower waters from the left side of the bay. Using nymphs, I caught several fish, but they were only up to four kilograms.

After that, it was all about catching in the estuary area. At times, all five anglers were fighting fish simultaneously. I caught 40-50 fish, some weighing up to eight kilograms. During dusk, I fished around the island from the bay to the point, using the Wooly Bugger to catch seven more fish, including a sea-run brown weighing eight kilograms.

November 28, 2012

In the morning, it was almost completely calm. I tried at the point and then moved further left. Before breakfast, I caught around ten rainbows, some weighing up to six kilograms. Afterward, I stayed alone in the bay and enjoyed the tranquility.

I caught fish after fish. The wind kept getting stronger, but I could cast well even in the wind, and by lunchtime, I had safely caught 60 large rainbows. One measured 85 cm, another 88 cm, and a third 92 cm, weighing an estimated 11-12 kilograms! Until nine o'clock in the evening, I continued fishing in very strong winds, using a two-handed rod, which was advantageous in this weather. I could reach 30 meters with overhead casting, and nearly every good cast resulted in a fish. It was incredible!


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