In the middle of Amazon

Kendjam | Brazil
Xingu Flyfish Adventures 2021

Experience the Nature

The Kendjam area is situated within an untouched region in the Brazilian Amazon. The indigenous Mekragnoti territory within the Kayapato Land is a fly-fishing destination where an angler can catch over 8 different Amazonian fish species in clear river waters. The river flows over a massive granite base, resulting in clear water even during the dry season. This allows us fly anglers to engage in prime flowing water fishing, sometimes wading and mostly sight-fishing. We target rising and rolling fish as well as predators with streamers and poppers. The fishing is captivating, thrilling, and demanding due to the diversity of catchable species and the variety of angling techniques. Species such as Pacu, Matrinxas (2-8 lbs), Curupete Pacu (3-12 lbs), Tucunare Peacock Bass (3-15 lbs), Bicuda, the Barracuda of the Amazon, Trairao (Wolf fish) which can reach 25 lbs, and the mysterious Payara – the Vampire Fish.

In addition to outstanding fishing, the stay in Kendjam offers a natural experience. The wildlife is breathtaking, and there's never a shortage of photo opportunities. Being alongside a Kayapo village provides us with insight into the lives of these fascinating people.

Kendjam | Brazil
16. - 23. July 2023


Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023


The Iriri River is located almost entirely within the expansive Mekranoti indigenous territory and is a sustainably managed reserve. This untouched land encompasses over 800 kilometers of river and an additional 3 tributaries. The dry season is the period during which water levels are at their lowest on average, and the water is exceptionally clear, allowing for unique sight-fishing throughout the entire river system. It's precisely during this time, for only a few months (early July to late September), that fishing takes place in Kendjam. We are at the beginning of the season, when fishing is at its prime.


There are 8 anglers fishing there per week. No boat (2 anglers plus guide) will ever fish at the same spot on the same day. Using motorized aluminum boats, the main river and its tributaries are fished both upstream and downstream. The area is quite vast, so you're always fishing in new locations.


The accommodations at Kendjam Lodge are a comfortable Serengeti-style safari tent camp with four double-occupancy tents featuring box spring beds, private bathrooms, hot water, and electric lighting. The camp is situated in a beautiful sandy beach area overlooking the scenic Iriri River pool. Every evening, guests will be delighted by a first-class cuisine served in an elegant living and dining area. The camp offers a beverage menu that includes wines, spirits, mineral water, non-alcoholic drinks, and juices. All our guests have access to WiFi for text messaging and satellite phone service in case of emergencies. Solar panels provide full electrical power every night, and each tent has 110-volt outlets, allowing for the charging of batteries and devices at any time.

  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
    Iriri River
  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
    The Lodge
  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
    Die Unterkunft
  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
    Payara – Vampire Fisch
  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
    Unberührte Natur
  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
  • Kendjam Flyfish Adventures 2023
    Peacock bass

Trip information

Here you will find the most important travel information. Travel price starts from €6,534.73 plus a $560.00 USD Reserve Fee (Native Community Fee) that needs to be paid on-site.

General information

Kendjam | Brazil
16. - 23. July 2023
min 6 persons
max 8 persons
Anreise: Flug - Bustransfer - Charterflug - Bootsfahrt
Suitable for beginners and advanced fly fishers



All charter flights and boat transfers


One night at the Tropical Executive Hotel in Manaus on the day of arrival and 7 nights at the camp (daily laundry), all-inclusive: meals and drinks.


6 days of guided fishing with a professional fly-fishing guide and two local guides for every two anglers.

Fishing boats

4 fishing boats for 8 people.

Fishing license
Land transfer

All necessary ground transfers in Manaus, Brazil

Not included


International flights & airport departure tax

City tour

Meals and drinks in Manaus and private city tours

Fishing equipment

Fishing flies (we have a wide selection of the best flies at the camp, ranging from $5 to $10 per piece)


Visa and COVID tests; fee for the local community


Gratuities and tips for the camp staff and guides

Offsite accommodation

Additional night in Manaus - approximately USD 200 to 250 per night and room - double occupancy

Phone calls

Satellite calls ($5/minute)

Bookable options

If available: USD 10,900.00 per angler in a single room with single guidance + USD 1,000.00 native fee


Without the reservation fee of 560.00 USD (Native Community Fee), which must be paid on-site


To be properly prepared for the trip, you'll find all the information here regarding your equipment. Please note that there is a 40-pound weight limit for the charter flight to Kendjam, which is split into 30 pounds for checked luggage and 10 pounds for carry-on. Only soft luggage bags are permitted, and hard-shell suitcases are not allowed.

Luggage & Essentials

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • 2 copies of passport
  • Flight ticket and travel itinerary
  • Brazilian tourist visa
  • Cash for travel, lodge gratuities, native fee
  • Credit cards
  • Emergency contact number
  • Toiletries and necessary medications, along with electrolytes
  • Insect repellent
  • Waterproof sunscreen SPF 50 Lip balm with sun protection
  • Universal electrical adapter
  • 2 x polarized sunglasses
  • 2 x buffs (neck gaiters)
  • Cap with a brim
  • Pliers
  • Hook sharpener
  • Gloves for sun protection
  • Tippet holder
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Lightweight synthetic fleece for evenings
  • 4 lightweight long-sleeve t-shirts or shirts
  • Lightweight wading shoes with non-slip sole, suitable for hiking and wading
  • Lightweight neoprene socks
  • Wading staff
  • Camera equipment
  • Headlamp


  • Line weight 5-6 for dry fly fishing and fishing with fruit flies, foam flies, etc.
  • Line weight 7-8 for streamer fishing for wolf fish, peacock bass, and payara.


Bring the appropriate reel sizes for your rods. It's important that you have sufficient backing, 30-50 lbs, on the reel, and that the reels have a reliable braking system.

Fly lines

It's important that the fly lines are suitable for tropical conditions, featuring aggressive tapers with shorter heads since larger, wind-resistant patterns are often cast.

Good lines are:

For the lighter rods, a suitable line is the Rio Flats Pro Elite in line weight 5-6.

For rods in line weight 7-8, I recommend the Scientific Anglers Titan Jungle Taper for popper fishing and a Scientific Anglers 30`Intermediate as a streamer line.

Sinking line: For line weight 8, the Scientific Anglers Jungle custom-cut Super Sinking line is recommended.


The fish we target are not leader-shy but all have sharp teeth.

Fluorocarbon: 16, 20, 30, and 40 lbs.

Dry fly leaders: 9 feet – Scientific Anglers Absolute Monofilament leaders.

Steel leaders: Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet: 20, 30, 40 lbs.


With line weight 5-6 rods, we primarily fish on the surface. Good patterns include fruit flies, small to medium foam poppers, small mice, Chernobyl Ants, and Fat Alberts. Bring along some nymphs with sturdy hooks as well. It's important that the hooks are robust, as Amazonian fish are truly powerful fighters. Hook sizes 4-6. While you can buy flies at the lodge, it's still advisable to bring a good selection.

With line weight 7-8 rods, we fish with streamers or poppers. Vibrant small to medium poppers, Pole dancers, and baitfish flies work well. Larger Clouser Minnows are also effective. The Andino Deceiver is a good fly for wolf fish and peacock bass. Recommended hook sizes are 1/0 to 4/0.