NEW: Helicopter Fishing Adventure

Tsiname | Bolivia

In the Amazon jungle

Starting from the 2024 season, Untamed Angling introduces a new and unique adventure at the Pluma and Secure Lodge. The regular fishing program above and below the two lodges will be discontinued. Going forward, there will exclusively be a Combi Pluma & Secure Lodge Flyout Program utilizing a helicopter. This entails spending three days at Pluma Lodge and three days at Secure Lodge, allowing access to a greater number of rivers. Midweek, the lodge switch will occur via helicopter.

Tsiname | Bolivia
06. - 13. July 2024

Der Helikopter - ein Game Changer

The remarkable aspect is that, with the helicopter, you can reach nine tributaries within 5 to 15 minutes. Fishing will take place on the Pluma, Itirisama, Namajti, Ambaibo, Agua Fria, Secure, Agua Negra, Wawasame, and Maniquicito rivers.

The quantity of fish, the diversity of untouched rivers, the nature, and the wildlife are truly unique and breathtaking. This adventure is something exceptional and ranks among the best fishing trips one can experience.

Come fly
with me


The underlying idea behind it

By being able to fish nine rivers, the waters remain free from excessive fishing pressure in the long term. Most of the rivers have already been mapped, and the beats are tracked with GPS. According to Marcello, the plan is for a beat to be fished a maximum of twice a year, often even just once.

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    Unberührte Natur
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-24.jpg
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-23.jpg
    Flyfishing with friends
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-27.jpg
    Auf in entlegene Gebiete
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-18.jpg
    Wilde Sprünge
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  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-22.jpg
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-17.jpg
    Go with the flow
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-19.jpg
    In action
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-1.jpeg
    Was für ein Anblick!
  • 2024-07-flyfish-adventures-bolivien-12.jpg
    Toller Fang!

The Accomodation:
Luxury in the middle of nowhere

Trip information

The key travel information for the Helicopter Program at Pluma-Secure Lodge Tsiname, Bolivia. Price starting from €16,000 plus fees for the Tsiname community and the nature conservation park.

General information

Tsiname | Bolivia
06. - 13. July 2024
min 1 persons
max 6 persons
Anreise: Flight, taxi, charter flight, & boat ride
Suitable for advanced fly fishermen



Pick up and transfers in Santa Cruz are organized.


One night each in Santa Cruz on arrival and departure

3 days at Pluma Lodge and 3 days at Secure Lodge


One guide for 2 anglers


2 helicopters on the spot

Fishing license

Full board: everything included except special alcoholic drinks.


Free laundry service

Not included


International flights

Fishing equipment

There is a small fly store at the lodge where you can buy the essentials, including flies.


Visa and Covid Test


Tips for the guides and the team of the lodge


Conservation fee: 1,250 euros per person as a levy for Tsimane residents and for the nature reserve.


Jacuzzi and massage against payment


In preparation for the trip, I've compiled information about the necessary equipment. Please note: There's a 40-pound weight limit for the charter flight from Santa Cruz to Tsiname, with 30 pounds for main luggage and 10 pounds for carry-on. Only soft luggage bags are allowed, no hard-shell suitcases!

Gepäck & Nützliches

  • Passport, valid for at least one year
  • 2 copies of the passport
  • Flight ticket and travel itinerary
  • Brazilian tourist visa
  • Cash for the trip, lodge gratuities, and native fees
  • Credit cards
  • Emergency contact number
  • Toiletries, necessary medications, and electrolytes
  • Insect repellent
  • Lightweight wading shoes with non-slip rubber soles, suitable for walking as well (no spikes!)
  • Waterproof sunscreen SPF 50
  • Lip and nose sunblock
  • Universal electrical adapter
  • 2 polarized sunglasses
  • 2 Buffs
  • Visor cap
  • Pliers
  • Hook sharpener
  • Gloves for sun protection
  • Line clip
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Lightweight synthetic fleece for evenings
  • 4 lightweight T-shirts or long-sleeve shirts
  • Lightweight wading shoes with non-slip soles, suitable for walking and wading
  • Lightweight neoprene socks
  • Wading staff
  • Camera equipment
  • Headlamp
  • Waterproof backpack


  • Line class 8-9


 Please bring the appropriate reel sizes for the rods. It's important that there is sufficient backing of 30-50 lbs on the reel and that the reels have a good drag system.

Fly Lines

The fly lines need to be suitable for tropical conditions and for casting medium-sized streamers.

For example, the Cortland Ghost Tip 9 line is an excellent choice. With its 9-foot intermediate tip and high-floating floating line, it's a top-quality fly line.


The fish we're targeting are not leader shy, but they all have sharp teeth.

Use fluorocarbon in strengths of 30 and 40 lbs from Cortland, and Rio Powerflex Wire tippet in 30 and 40 lbs.


For Dorado, medium to large streamers in the range of 15-20 cm are ideal, such as the Andino Deceiver and Bucktail Deceiver. Surface flies like the Poledancer and Popper work excellently too. The Ahrex SA 270 hook in size 4/0 is a top choice.

For Pacu, small streamers in sizes 6-7 cm work well, such as the Peanut Butter or Deceiver. Intruders also perform effectively. It's important to use a strong hook, as Pacu are powerful fish that can straighten a weak hook. Pacu also take dry flies or imitations of what falls from the trees (fruit flies, cicadas, foam flies, and similar patterns).